Learn More about Garbage and What can be Done to Address it

Channel Steven Spielberg!

Image of Bulldozer moving garbageOnce upon a time if you wanted to influence people you sat down, wrote a book, and hoped that it would hit the bestseller lists.  Nowadays you shoot some video, post it on Facebook, and hope that it goes viral.  We live in a visual world.

Wanna make a difference?  Make a movie.

Don’t have the money to buy high-end video cameras or the time to shoot a bunch of footage?

We’ve done it for you.

Karin Muller, the filmmaker who shot Egypt Beyond the Pyramids, has turned her footage into educational materials for schools (and individuals) around the world.

Thumbnail of Take2 Cuba

Thumbnail of Take2 Sudan

Dozens of hours of broadcast-quality video from her field shoots in Sudan, Cuba, and the United States, along with lots of information on how to make a mini-documentary are all available at her educational nonprofit, Take 2.

So, if you want to make a movie about recycling, check this out:

Thumbnail of T2 Recycling Module

Take2 Recycle Module

Throw in a couple of shots of cute cats and a great soundtrack and it could go viral…

If you’re interested in other topics, check out Take 2.