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Mushroom Death Suit

If you’ve come this far, it gets even stranger.  Jae Rhim Lee has come up with a way to keep the 200-odd toxic pollutants in our bodies from entering the environment after we leave it.  Cremation releases all those toxins into the air.  Burial – even without embalming – puts them into the ground.

Mushroom Suit Scematic

Mushroom Suit Scematic

She’s come up with the artistically named Infinity Burial Project.

Jae Rhim is training an army of toxin-cleaning, edible mushrooms to eat her own body.  She’s feeding these mushrooms her (discarded) hair, skin, and nails.  The mushrooms gradually imprint onto her body, so when she dies they will recognize her and eat her.

To help them along, she has created a Mushroom Death Suit – a burial suit infused with her imprinted mushroom spores.

And yes, there are in fact people out there who have offered their bodies (after death) for her to experiment on and perfect the suit. Nowadays you can not only get the suit and burial – there’s even a version for your pets. There’s also a support group, aptly named the Decompiculture Society, which you can join.

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