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Okay, so you’re not into wriggly slimy things. How about mushrooms?

Who doesn’t love mushrooms?

(No, not the I-See-Elvis-Playing-Chess-With-A Yeti kind)

The earthy-with-a-hint-of-tarragon culinary kind.

It turns out that you can grow your own oyster mushrooms in used coffee grounds.

You know how you’re always cleaning out your coffee machine and wandering around the kitchen with that soggy coffee filter full of used grounds, thinking “I wish I had a use for these?”  Now you do.

Here are the crib notes:Powerpoint Flow Diagram of How to Grow MushroomsA few caveats.  There is an evil green mold that will get into your mushroom mix and kill off your oyster mushrooms, so keeping everything sterile is very important, particularly at the front end.
Interested?  These websites will give you more specifics.  Don’t cut corners.  And don’t forget the faces.

Sterilizing used coffee grounds with hydrogen peroxide

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