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In 2013, Chinese police seized 20 tonnes of chicken parts – including feet – that were 46 years past their sell-by date (click to see news report).  The feet dated back to 1967, when China was still ruled by Chairman Mao, the Beatles were in their heyday and color television sets were just becoming popular.

Image of 46-year-old chicken feet

46-year-old chicken feet


So how on earth did they keep them (relatively) fresh for so long?

The meat was treated with chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, to inhibit bacterial growth.  As a side benefit, it made the feet look white and big – and added 50% to their weight.


So what makes bony chicken feet so addictively appealing?  The Chinese find the breasts too bland, in the same way that the French turn up their noses at American cheese and the Germans hate Wonder Bread.  Asians in general prefer chicken innards, feet, or wings.


Image of chicken feet candy

chicken feet candy

If eating cooked chicken feet still sounds gross to you, how about Gummy Chicken Feet Candy?

This ‘Made in Spain’ product looks like chicken feet but doesn’t taste like them – nor does it have the same nutritional value.  It is chewy, though.

Perfect for parties.

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