Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee...and then some.
Question 1

What country is by far the world’s largest producer of coffee?

Question 2

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. #1 on this list is:

Question 3

Steam rising from a cup of coffee contains the same amount of antioxidants as:

Question 4

Caffeine is on the International Olympic Committee’s list of prohibited substances. You will test positive if you drink more than:

Question 5

Who first cultivated coffee plants?

Question 6

Coffee is on the national list of “twenty most recognizable odors” Other items on this list are:

Question 7

If you request a “latte” in Italy, you will be served:

Question 8

As legend has it, coffee was originally discovered by:

Question 9

Roasted coffee beans start to lose small amounts of flavor within two weeks. Ground coffee begins to lose its flavor in:

Question 10

The Bedouin regularly add what to their coffee?