Camel Quiz

Question 1

Camels only begin to sweat when their body temperature reaches:

Question 2

Camels lie down by resting on their knees with their legs tucked underneath their bodies because:

Question 3

Camels (and other members of the camelid family) have oval red blood cells.  Why?

Question 4

Dromedary feet have:

Question 5

The name “camel” comes from the Arabic word “jamal”جمال     meaning:

Question 6

The largest population of wild camels in the world is in:

Question 7

A one-humped camel is a:

Question 8

Can Bactrians and dromedaries interbreed?

Question 9

A camel’s hump is made up of:

Question 10

The ancestor of the camel was thought to have originated on which continent about 44 million years ago?