(or was it cake...?)
Question 1

Image of pretzelDough treated with lye to give it a "skin". originally from Germany:

Question 2

Image of Naan BreadIranian/Asian bread made with flour, salt, yeast, and yogurt:

Question 3

Image of Pita BreadMediterranean leavened flat bread, puffs up while baking:

Question 4

Image of Panettone BreadItalian Christmas Bread:

Question 5

Image of Communion WaferUsed for communion:

Question 6

Image of TortillasOriginally invented by the Mayans using corn:

Question 7

Image of Australian Damper BreadAustralian soda bread, originally baked on campfire coals:

Question 8

Image of Chapati BreadUnleavened flat bread from India:

Question 9

Image of Corn BreadOriginally made by American Indians and later in the Southern USA.
Often baked in an iron skillet:

Question 10

Image of Hardtack breadAlso called "ship biscuit"- very hard and durable for long voyages on sailing ships.
Still sold today in Alaska as "sailor boy":

Question 11

Image of Matzos breadUnleavened bread eaten during Passover:

Question 12

Image of Focaccia breadItalian flatbread, seasoned with olive oil and herbs. Originated in Ancient Rome:

Question 13

Image of bagel

First boiled then baked. An institution in New York City: